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Tricia Helfer’s steamy naked pictures

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Former model and Battlestar Galactica actress Tricia Helfer surely rocked the entire galaxy with her gorgeous figure and charming looks, and I’m pretty sure that the geeks and horndogs alike had their dicks stiff as asteroids when they got to see her pose naked for Playboy back in 2007. But seeing her pose for Playboy isn’t enough to keep us and her adoring male fans satisfied from that insatiable craving to see her pose in the nude… and we want more skin from the one and only “Number Six“! Good thing the guys came out with more new and juicy naked pictures of Tricia and we just can’t wait to share them all to you!

Too bad for her that these revealing photos should come out in public but what the heck! We just can’t help but have these lustful thoughts about her doing those seductive poses while showing off her luscious tits and mouth-watering pussy… So let’s cut to the chase and be the first to see more of Tricia Helfer‘s sleazy nude photos when you visit Tricia Helfer Nude right this very moment and have a blast wanking yourselves with delight, and by the way, go easy on the lube will you?