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Tricia Helfer’s Amazing Breasts

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

sexy tricia helfer naked

Tricia Helfer rose to fame when she played Cylon Number Six, the sexy cyborg, in television’s Battlestar Galactica.Her beauty undoubtedly helped her rise to stardom, especially with the male members of her fan base. And since we’re on the topic, her large, all-natural breasts definitely helped her get the men’s attention, just check out these Tricia Helfer naked photos if you need any proof.

sexy tricia helfer nude

Let’s face it; although her Tricia Helfer’s acting is good, it’s not why we feel compelled to watch her in Battlestar Galactica. But her hot body certainly draws in her loyal viewers to the show. Tricia has blossomed into this hot sci-fi goddess we know and grown to admire and love. Below are some real nude pictures of Tricia Helfer and her amazing boobs. They are the reason why we love her so much. Kneel down and pay tribute!

sexy tricia helfer breasts