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Tricia Helfer’s Amazing Breasts

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

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Tricia Helfer rose to fame when she played Cylon Number Six, the sexy cyborg, in television’s Battlestar Galactica.Her beauty undoubtedly helped her rise to stardom, especially with the male members of her fan base. And since we’re on the topic, her large, all-natural breasts definitely helped her get the men’s attention, just check out these Tricia Helfer naked photos if you need any proof.

sexy tricia helfer nude

Let’s face it; although her Tricia Helfer’s acting is good, it’s not why we feel compelled to watch her in Battlestar Galactica. But her hot body certainly draws in her loyal viewers to the show. Tricia has blossomed into this hot sci-fi goddess we know and grown to admire and love. Below are some real nude pictures of Tricia Helfer and her amazing boobs. They are the reason why we love her so much. Kneel down and pay tribute!

sexy tricia helfer breasts

Tricia Helfer’s epic naked body

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Even Helen of Troy couldn’t match this war of galactic proportions that Tricia Helfer caused with her sizzling hot and naked body. All she did was flash her titties and bare her cunt to everybody in outer space, and, like the holy grail of medieval Europe, horny guys of all shapes and species were driven mad with lust and fought to have a lick at Tricia Helfer’s divine, naked body.

Lucky for us earthlings, Tricia Helfer is with us, in the flesh, AND just in the flesh, exposing her boobs and pussy, but not knowing the madness that the sight of her nudity stirs in us, and the anger our cocks rise with. Thank goodness we don’t have to be pained with just thoughts of Tricia laid out bare in her nudity, because we’ve got pictures of our Battlestar Galactica hottie naked and flashing to share and spread. To the hardcore fanboys, here’s your chance to be intimate with your favorite cyborg hottie.

Red hot fashion pictorial images of Tricia Helfer

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Before Number Six and Battlestar Galactica, there was only Tricia Helfer, a Canadian fashion model who won the Supermodel of the World title back in 1992 and was once a hot commodity in and around the fashion industry who modeled for famous fashion designers and signature brands and at the same time graced the covers of fashion magazines worldwide. But after ten years of running down the catwalk and doing photo shoots, she decided to retire from modeling in 2002 and dedicated herself in becoming a full time Hollywood actress. If you think Tricia Helfer looks hot today, wait ‘till you get to see once more some of her most revealing and sexy fashion pictorial images she has ever done in her entire 10-year career as a model. Get to see Tricia model see through garments that almost revealed her tits or watch her go “naked” on print with other fellow models or by herself as she let it all down to get the job done. Witness the modeling prowess of Tricia Helfer as she bravely showed off some skin with our collection of her steamy fashion photo shoot images that is worth a second look.

Since it has been more than six years when she retired from the fashion industry and what we got here are truly rare and you don’t get to see them anywhere else. So consider yourselves lucky for we have gathered all of her sexy fashion photos and placed it one huge photo set where you get to reminisce (and jerk at the same time) Tricia’s glory days as a supermodel. Just click on this link and have a ball only at Tricia Helfer Nude today.

Various sleazy pictures of Tricia and company

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Want more Tricia Helfer sleaze? Then we’ll give you more Tricia Helfer sleaze by presenting to all you these uber sexy images of Tricia in the nude only this time she’s with company and she’s hotter and kinkier than ever! What surprised us even more when we discovered some of her photos where she was seen with fellow co-star Grace Park (who plays the role of Boomer in the TV series Battlestar Galactica) both naked and playfully posing before the camera! I mean, two hot chicks getting lezzie on each other… now that’s really something to look forward to. You might even get to stumble upon some of Tricia’s mind-blowing hardcore pictures where she gets really horny with these unknown dudes who get to slam her love holes ‘till kingdom come and get herself doused with fresh cum afterwards.

Savor the intense sexual goodness only from Tricia Helfer and her various sleazy photo collections that we have in store for everyone who wants to get a kick out of this actress’ unusual appetite for something naughty and she gets it with a little help from her kinky friends. And all you have to do is click here and start enjoying these raunchy photos only at Tricia Helfer Nude.

Tricia Helfer gets butt naked with these hot photos

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Maybe Tricia Helfer’s 2007 stint with Playboy Magazine made her realize that going only topless and not all the way was such a waste for that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity given to her since guys would only be seeing her twins and not the entire package and so she decides to unleash her frustrations by simply getting herself a camera and asked someone to take snapshots of her while she gives it her all in posing provocatively while flashing not only her tits but with her fine ass and elusive pussy as well! We couldn’t help but marvel at her fully naked body with these steamy nude pictures of Tricia that has surfaced in public and now we got our hands full of them and now you guys can get to enjoy her even more with our exclusive photo collection that is guaranteed to make her Playboy stint look bland and stale.

Feast your eyes with a hotter and naughtier Number Six as she teases your senses with her huge array of naked images that you won’t easily find anywhere else. So before you go haywire with all that cock jerking from looking at our picture samples, click here and see more Tricia Helfer surprises that are waiting to be discovered only at Tricia Helfer Nude.